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        Chairman's speech

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        Chairman's speech
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        Eighteen years of trials and hardships, temper forward;

        Eighteen years, work hard, succeed;


        Three new materials, the development of the times, to meet the market demand, technology oriented, innovation as the driving force, development has always focused on the diamond tools, after eighteen years of hard work, to build the international standard quality, created the industry leading brands!

        No diamond, do not embrace porcelain live, since the beginning of the establishment, which is set to replace the imported for the grand goal of responsibility, the revitalization of China superhard material industry, have developed a variety of diamond grinding wheel products to achieve import substitution, and set the standard pole position in the part of the downstream industries.


        In 2006, grasp the trend of global economic development, closely linked to the development of new industries pulse, the company actively involved in the new research of diamond tools diamond wire products, the products are mainly used in sapphire, silicon materials, magnetic materials and other hard brittle materials extraction, truncation, slice cutting, market prospects and great potential for development. After years of development, the company became the first domestic independent research and development by master diamond wire technology and the successful implementation of industrial enterprises, breaking the monopoly of foreign technology companies, and with good quality and high price, won the strength of many users, in the domestic industry has formed high influence.


        At present, the company has formed a series of diamond wire saw, diamond grinding wheel products in two categories of mutual collaboration, can be widely in the downstream photovoltaic, sapphire, magnetic materials, integrated circuit industries such as cutting, grinding, polishing and other machining field. To provide customers with value is the purpose of enterprise services, the company is willing to work with friends from all walks of life sincere cooperation and work together to create brilliant.


        With years of investment and accumulate steadily, cultivate bear fruits, the company has a series of products with independent intellectual property rights and technology, has 7 authorized patents and a number of core technologies. A number of products have been recognized by national Torch Program, national innovation fund, national key new products, high-tech products and other projects. And participate in the formulation of domestic industry standard products of electroplated diamond wire saw. These results reflect and honor is the company's technology innovation ability is that the status of industry.


        The future, the company will combine the development of the industry, to further expand the diamond wire production capacity, increase market share, and strive to become the leader of diamond wire industry. The company will further increase R & D investment, construction of superhard materials research and development center, improve the company's innovative ability, to provide customers with systematic processing solutions. With the capital market platform, the company will strive to achieve the company's leapfrog development and sustainable growth of operating performance, a better return of shareholders, return customers, return employees, return to society.

        Eighteen years, three new material does not forget the early heart.


        Beyond the international advanced technology, the revitalization of China's ultra hard industry, three Superman as a mission.


        According to the state of "12th Five-Year", "13th Five-Year" new industry development plan, the state will actively develop as superhard materials and products "new materials industry, accelerate the development of LED, promote the photovoltaic and integrated circuit industry. Take this as an opportunity, to create a unique, technological leader of the innovative century enterprise, three Superman will continue to adhere to change and innovation, focus on perseverance, and then climb the peak!


        Apr. 2017

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